What are cookies?

Cookies are used by most websites. Different cookies have different purposes some are integral to the working of a site, for example cookies which store the fact that you are logged in, other cookies may store your preferences.

In a lot of cases cookies allow you to be identified as a unique visitor to a site (for example when you login). This should help improve your experience are should not involve the actual storage of personal information about you, for example in a lot of cases cookies only contain a random string of text which acts as an anonymous unique identifier.

Cookies can either be ‘first party’ or ‘third party’. First party cookies are set by the site you are on. Third party cookies may be set by other sites such as advertising networks or analytics providers (for example YouTube will set a cookie on your computer whenever you watch a YouTube film, regardless of the site you watch it on).

No matter whether what type of cookies get set on your computer they can only be read by the site that put them there, not by any other.

What if I don’t want cookies?

Some people don’t like the idea of cookies, although in general they are harmless and only intended to improve user experience. To prevent cookies being set on your computer you can change your browser settings. Information on how to achieve this in a variety of browsers can be found at http://www.aboutcookies.org/.

Users are warned that rejecting all cookies from websites may in some cases limit their functionality and in a small number of cases may causes sites to become unusable.

What cookies do K. E. Wilson & Co. set on my computer?

Certain elements of this site do use cookies in order that we can better serve you and other visitors. Below you will find a list of the cookies used by this site and their purpose. Your continued use of the site means you accept the setting of these cookies on your computer.

Necessary Cookies

Certain cookies are integral to the workings of this site, without some of these the site may not work. As these cookies are essential to the normal functioning of this website, users are unable to opt-out of them. These cookies include:

Cookies from our content delivery and security provider CloudFlare

These cookies are necessary for the normal function of CloudFlare. They do not collect any personally identifiable information. We deem them as necessary as they are required for the function of CloudFlare.

A cookie to hide our cookie policy bar

This will only be set if you click the ‘accept’ or ‘X’ button on our cookie policy bar and is only used to hide to cookie bar on further pages and subsequent visits. This cookie can be removed by clearing cookies saved on your computer.

Other Cookies

We currently do not use any cookies other than those necessary for the function of our website.

Where has you ‘cookie bar’ gone?

If you have clicked accept on our cookie bar then it sets a cookie and you wont see it again. The bar itself does not control which cookies are set and is intended to provide you with information. You can control cookie that are set on your computer through your browser settings.

If you want to see the cookie bar again then you can clear cookies set in your browser and it will reappear.

Is there a full list of all the cookies this site is setting?

Below is our full cookie audit with a brief description of each cookie.

CloudFlare CookieFirst/Third Party



 1 MonthName: __cfduid
This cookie is used as part of the function of CloudFlare, it does not store any personally identifiable information. CloudFlare acts in many ways like a content delivery network however is also secures our site improving both the experience of our users.
K. E. Wilson & Co. Cookie Banner CookieFirst Party 90 DaysName: catAccCookies
This cookie is only set when you click ‘accept’ or ‘X’ on our ‘cookie bar’. This cookie is used to keep the cookie bar hidden once you click accept.