• Document Portal

    To help keep our clients’ documents  and personal information secure we use Virtual Cabinet Portal to send and receive documents.

    How can I login to the portal?

    If you have an account you can go to https://www.virtualcabinetportal.com/MyPortal/LogIn and login with your existing account detail where you can view your documents on the portal.

    If you don’t already have an account then don’t worry an account will be automatically setup when we send you a document through the portal. If you want to send us a document then email or phone us and we can get an account setup for you.

    How do I receive documents?

    When we send you a document you will automatically receive an email with a unique link to the document. When you click the link you will be prompted to login or setup your account if you haven’t received a document from us before.

    How do I send you documents?

    If you have received a document from us then simply login and select the ‘Send a Document’ button on the left hand side. From here you can upload any document up to 100MB and we will receive it.

    If you don’t have a portal account yet then simply email or phone us and we will get one setup for you.

    Why are you using the document portal?

    Generally emails are not a secure method of communication, they are not normally encrypted and if intercepted the email and their attachments could be accessed. Virtual Cabinet portal provides a secure connection to send and receive documents helping to keep your data safe.

    Though there are other solutions to this problem including encrypting emails and attachments we hope the Virtual Cabinet Portal strikes a balance between ease of use and security for both us and our clients.